There are enrollment costs and normal recurring payments.

New students requirements (enrollment costs);

Application Form10,000
Admission Cost60,000
Two pairs of uniforms2 Pairs100,000
Tracksuit with a T-Shirt50,000
Library Contribution40,000
Progressive Book1 PC10,000
File for examination papers / tests4,000

Total Enrollment cost for Day scholars is 274,000 /- Tanzania Shillings

(For Day School Children)

After enrollment, the normal school fee is

Baby Class300,000300,000600,000
Middle & Pre – Unit360,000360,000720,000
(Grades) Class 1 – 7400,000400,000800,000

NB 1: – Items with the school emblem must be purchased from the school.

NB 2: – One semester is six months. 1 month taken as vacation

NB 3: – One year covers 2 semesters

NB 4: – For the sake of rain season; parents should strictly consider buying rain coat and rubber boots.

Transport (School Safety Bus) costs are not included; these depend on the pickup location of the child.

*** For class 4 and 7, there are additional costs such as National Examination, Remedial Classes, Graduation expenses and more as per requirement. Separate Fee sheet is given for these classes upon request.

*** For the External Sponsored pupils, 10,000 Tsh will be paid per year for online communication and various information updates…

*** Stationery items fee will be charged 90,000 per year. (includes exercise books, pens/pencils, erasers, rulers, colors etc. )